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Carl Schiovone and Associates Real Estate Coaching, Inc. is proud to present a truly exciting coaching relationship to you. Unlike traditional education options that provide a standard curriculum format, we will assess your needs and create a custom-tailored program that will align with your personal experience level and specific real estate investment goals. Whether you are a new Investor looking for your first investment property, or an experienced Investor focused on bringing your business model to the next level of success, the flexibility of our coaching program will accommodate you.

Our limited client enrollment policy will help set the stage for you to experience our personal dedication and service not possible with nationally advertised coaching programs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I consider a coaching program?
This is a question we are frequently asked. Investing in real estate without being properly prepared can be a very poor decision. An effective coaching program will help you prepare to make informed decisions on your investment options. When utilizing your Coach effectively, you will be able to leverage off of their direct experience and the experience of their other clients as well; this can help avoid costly mistakes. We have seen so many Investors both novice and experienced come to us to help them out of a bad situation; we only wished they had sought out the proper advice prior to getting involved in the deal. When working with a Coach, their role is also to help motivate you and to hold you accountable; this is so important and why so many novice Investors can’t seem to get off the ground.

I already have experience, why do I need mentoring?
As in every type of successful business, the key to remain ahead of your competition is to always work on continuous process improvement and personal skill development. Coaching is an on-going relationship that you will not outgrow regardless of your past successes. If you look at professional Athletes for example, even the best will always have a coach watching their performance in an attempt to optimize it.

Does participating in a coaching program ensure real estate investing success?
No. You should not consider any organization that suggests this. Our coaching program is designed to provide you with the basic tools, motivation, and solid plan to assist you with your path of success. The ultimate results will lie in your hands and is based on how you apply the concepts being presented, the time you commit to working your plan, and your desire to succeed.

Do you accept all candidates who apply to your coaching program?
No. Since you will be working one-on-one directly with Carl Schiovone, in order to maintain the personal service we provide to our clients, we will only work with a small number of clients at a given time. In addition, we will only accept clients we feel we can help and who are extremely motivated to succeed.

What is the enrollment procedure for the coaching program?
  • Upon request, we will send you a coaching survey to complete which will provide us with some basic information on your investing experience, goals, and prior training.
  • Once we receive your completed coaching survey, our business office will contact you to set up a complimentary phone consultation so we can discuss your coaching needs in greater detail.
  • Upon the completion of the consultation, if there is a mutual interest in pursuing a coaching relationship, we will send you a coaching contract to complete.
  • Upon the receipt of the completed Coaching Contract and appropriate tuition, our office will contact you to schedule a complimentary “Planning Session” where we will discuss and agree to the specific curriculum we will cover during the coaching program.
  • We will compile your workbook with the initial assignments and send it to you.
  • Our business office will contact you to schedule your first coaching session.

Are there any additional costs I should expect to incur during the coaching period?
Yes. As part of the coaching curriculum we will develop for you, we may utilize textbooks that we feel will supplement your program; these costs are not included in the tuition. All textbooks will be available from local books stores.

Can I have my business partner participate in the coaching program?
Yes. There is no additional charge for this as long as they are working directly with you.

Will investment opportunities be presented to me for purchase?
No. Since this is a coaching program, it would be inappropriate to recommend investments that our firm would benefit from. However, there may be situations where Joint Venture opportunities are presented to our coaching clients as part of a group project.

Are there any opportunities for the participants in the coaching program to meet up to help each other?
Yes. We try to keep all of our clients informed of networking events where they can meet up. In fact, many are doing deals together.

Will the educational concepts being presented apply to all market cycles?
We will provide you with strategies that are effective based upon the current market conditions. In addition, each market cycle comes with its share of challenges and opportunities and we will show you how to invest in each of these markets.

I have taken other courses, have a bookcase of books I read, and attended Boot Camps in the past and I still have not been able to get off the ground with my first deal, how will your coaching program be different?
This is a common situation we face with many our clients, this is usually caused by information overload. We will not only provide you with the skills necessary to be successful in your particular business model, we will work with you to develop a specific action plan that you will be expected to follow. Our sessions will help to hold you accountable to the plan we put together. Our goal as a coaching organization is to make sure you know what you should be working on each day that will contribute to the success of your real estate goals.

When are coaching sessions typically offered?
Based on the extensive feedback we have received, the vast majority of our clients prefer evening and weekends so our schedule is arranged this way.

How will my coaching sessions be scheduled?
Around the third week of each month we will send you the time slots that are available for the following month. You simply select the slots that are convenient for you and our business office will provide you with a confirmation. Using this approach it provides our clients with the greatest flexibility of their personal schedule.

Why are coaching sessions conducted over the phone?
It is our experience that phone sessions are far more effective and convenient for our clients. Since coaching is not a traditional “chalkboard” educational process, there is not any compromise in the learning experience.

Can coaching sessions be in-person or on-site?
Only if previously discussed and agreed to during the application process.

How long is each session?
Each session is typically one hour. However, multiple sessions be scheduled concurrently.

How frequently should we schedule sessions?
It is suggested that initially we have two sessions per month. This will allow you to complete the required assignments between sessions. Many of our advanced clients who are well into the implementation of their Business Plan will schedule just one session per month.

How much time will I need to commit in order to effectively participate in the coaching program?
Since a coaching program focuses on producing results, it will be critical that you are willing and able to dedicate time to work your Business Plan. Our typical clients work on their investing goals between 8-20 hours per week.

Once I start with the coaching program, what will happen if I need to put our sessions temporarily on hold?
This does happen periodically with our clients who are facing short term time availability challenges. We will honor all tuition hours indefinitely.

What happens once the tuition hours have been completed?
The vast majority of our clients do sign up for additional programs. As an incentive to our current clients, we offer additional complimentary sessions when they sign up again.

What if I am not completely satisfied with the coaching program?
We will refund to you any remaining tuition hours that have not been used.

What are the payment terms for the tuition?
We will accept checks or credit cards. The full tuition must be paid in advance of the start of the program.

What if I want you to see a property I’m considering? Can that be arranged?
Yes, however, additional fees will apply.

We are currently offering two exciting coaching programs

What Is Included In The Tuition Fee?
  • One-on-one coaching sessions conducted via phone
  • A custom-tailored curriculum developed specifically for you
  • Master Action Item Register™ to track your success progress
  • A comprehensive workbook authored by Carl Schiovone that will compliment your coaching program
  • A Coaching Session Summary Sheet™ that will provide you with an overview of the topics we discussed during our sessions and specific actions that must be completed prior to our next session.
  • Access to our large network of industry experts (additional fees may apply)
  • Unlimited Client support between sessions directly from Carl Schiovone via e-mail and phone

Additional Benefits To Our Clients
  • Group Investment opportunities
  • Networking with other clients
  • Working group sessions
  • Tele-conferences
  • Webinars

Help to put your professional team together

Focus on a specific investment business model which may include:
  • Short Sales
  • Foreclosures
  • Note and Mortgage buying and selling
  • Flipping
  • Wholesaling
  • Single and Multi-Family housing
  • Financing and creative deal making
  • Subsidized Housing Programs
  • Property Management

  • Help you to implement risk mitigation strategies
  • Work with you to develop and implement your Business Plan
  • Coach you through the property evaluation and acquisition process
  • Getting your real estate business off the ground or to the next level of success

In order for the knowledge transfer to occur as effectively as possible, we will implement the use of multiple educational techniques that will include the following:
  • Textbook reading
  • Coaching calls
  • Workbook exercises
  • Practical work in the field including visiting properties
  • Participating in on-line webinars
  • Attending networking events

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